“Nursing Association of Republic of Moldova” (forwards Association / NARM) is a professional and scientific, non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical organisation, constituted by the free will of associated individuals with the aim to achieve the common goals determined by the statute.

The vision of NARM represents the community of nurses with clinical profile from Republic of Moldova, militating for protection of their rights, but also for offering the qualitative nursing services which will permit to improve the health condition of our population.

The mission of NARM is to assure leadership, knowledge and capacity needed for education and qualitative practice in nursing. The aims of NARM are:

  • To create the level of professional competence to aim at improvement of health conditions of patient, family and community; placing the stress from curative activity to the prophylaxis; having as final aim promotion of health strategy for everyone, assuring in this way a fundamental right of individuals;
  • To promote the quality of nursing services, to aim to protect the right of the population’s health through an educational system according to the European Union Standards;
  • To represent the profession to the authorities and population, as well as to the non-governmental, national and international organizations.

“The institutional strategy of Nursing Association Republic of Moldova for 2015-2020” (forwards The Strategy) is the mainly document on planning and strategic management of the Association for a period of time, as a reference for the central and branch levels, and determines the development objectives, establishing measures and priority actions for 2015-2020.

The document is based on the strategic development policies of the Ministry of Health in the health care system in the context of European Union (EU) standards. The initiatives in the Strategy are complex actions feasible in cooperation with public and private partners to develop nursing services according to real needs and expectations of the beneficiaries. The quality of the collaboration is essential to a successful implementation of the Strategy.

The actions outlined in the Strategy are based on the criteria stipulated in policy documents of the health sector and developed according to the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO). In developing the Strategy were consulted the following strategic documents: The National Health Policy for 2007 – 2021, approved by the Government Decision nr. 886 from 06.08.2007; The development strategy of the health system in 2008-2017, approved by the Government Decision nr. 1471 from 24.12.2007; The Action Plan of the Ministry of Health, approved by the Order nr. 232 from 03.31.2015.

In a complex operational context in which political, economic, social and technological changes face common challenges, the most significant ones are dynamic data changes and general attitude towards the changes, perceived as threats.

From this perspective, developing a strategy to respond effectively to the needs of professional development of members, profession and institution development has been a participatory process, which was aimed to ensure objectivity, accuracy, relevance and a solid foundation for implementation.

In the process of finalizing the Strategy were involved approximately 700 members of the Association from 68 branches and 80 primary care organizations of which 148 are leaders of national and district authorities, including 552 nurses. The data collection was achieved by standardized questionnaire and problem / obstacles / barriers identification, needs, opportunities, and strategic development measures
for 2015-2020. After analyzing the data from respondents and consultation with the leaders have been established strategic objectives, operational priorities and strategy implementation plan for 2015-2020.

Download the document: strategy
Download the document: Strategies and action plan for the years 2022-2030