The Mission:

The Mission of NARM:

-to assure leadership, knowledge and capacity needed for education and qualitative practice in nursing


The vision of NARM represents the community of medical assistants with clinical profile from Republic of Moldova, militating for protection of their rights, but also for offering the qualitative nursing services which will permit to improve the health condition of our population.

The aims

The aims of NARM:

  • To create the level of professional competence to aim at improvement of health conditions of patient, family and community; placing the stress from curative activity to the prophylaxis; having as final aim promotion of health strategy for everyone, assuring in this mode a fundamental right of men;
  • To promote the quality of nursing services, to aim to protect the right to the health of the population through an educational system in accordance with European Union standards;
  • To represent the profession before the authorities and of population, as well as before the nongovernmental, national and international organizations.