Moldova Crisis Webinars in the Media

Interviewed by Chelsea Floyd (March 29, 2022). UNCG nursing department helping Moldova nurses with the refugee crisis in Ukraine. Spectrum news.

Interviewed by Daryl Matthews (March 24, 2022). UNCG nursing school giving lifesaving training to help refugees overseas. Fox 8 news,

Interviewed by Tamara Scott (March 18, 2022). ABC 11 Television, Raleigh, NC. UNCG nurse lead education effort in refugee crisis teaching Moldova nurses.

Interviewed by Itinease McMiller (March 16, 2022). WFMY Television."Leaders there have refugees in their homes” | UNCG is helping educate nurses in Moldova to care for Ukrainian refugees.

Interviewed by Liz Schlemmer (March 16, 2022). WUNC Radio. UNCG is helping train Moldovan nurses to care for Ukrainian refugees.

Interviewed by Mike Harris (March 11, 2022). UNCG Nurses Lead Effort in Refugee Crisis. UNCG Magazine.