Code of Ethics for Nurses



Our society is in a continuous development and the modern technology is spread step by step. The economical crisis contributes to the appearance of modifications in values hierarchy.

The lacks of legislation according to the practice of nurses, impossibility to evaluate the activity of nurses are the elements that make the appearance of moral conflicts that are not always solved.

Code of ethics for nurses is a booklet that can be used by nurses in decision making and evaluation. This code helps the professionals from health system and the population to know the moral attitude that nurses should possess.

Nursing as a profession is guided by a code of ethics and conduct. The code is intended to inform nurses and society what is ethnically acceptable and what is not acceptable. Nursing practice is dealing with legal and moral problems, and this code contains general principles that guide the nurses in their actions. Each nurse takes care of his/her professional behavior in accordance with the principles from the Code of ethics.

The code of ethics for nurses shall be used by all nurses working in all kinds of situations to guide their professional conduct for safeguarding the right of those with whom they interact on a professional basis.


Download the document:code-of-ethics