Chisinau, April 27, 2018 – the final conference “Social Workers in Collaboration for Social Change in Eastern Neighborhood Countries”, highlighted the achieved results under the project and discussed the implications for the development and improvement of social assistance through intersectoral cooperation at community level.

We express our gratitude for the support of the European Union, the Austrian Development Cooperation, Hilfswerk Austria International and the associations that have committed themselves through the implemented activities to support vulnerable groups and strengthening families in risk situations. We also thank the associations in the Republic of Moldova who have implemented community-based projects and have achieved remarkable successes.

At the conference participated representatives from Hilfswerk Austria International in the Republic of Moldova, the Red Cross organization, Mayors from the Calarasi and Orhei districts, Local Councilors, Chiefs of Social Assistance Departments, representatives of the National Council of Non-Governmental Organizations from different regions of the republic, beneficiaries, etc.

Key results of the project:

Associations as competence centers for state and private actors in the social sphere:

  • Development of 4 strategic documents and operational plans
  • Development of 4 fundraising strategies
  • Organization of 2 study visits (Georgia and Austria)
  • Organization of 24-day training
  • Improvement of information services: newsletter, web page, mass media
  • Organization of systematic meetings with members
  • Empowering 10,500 members of the Associations
  • Acquiring 471 new members within the associations

Associations as advocates for reform and social justice:

Georgia / Armenia: Developing the Social Worker Profession Concept, Active Contribution to Project Law in the Social Field

Moldova: Developing and approving the concept of inter-sectoral cooperation in the provision of home care services

Azerbaijan: Evaluating academic education in the social field in Azerbaijan

Dialogues with stakeholders: 37 conferences / round tables

16 considered concepts in the decision-making process

Activities carried out within the project by NARM:

  1. a) Achievement of the OCAT study
  2. b) Creating the database of social NGOs
  3. c) Development of the Strategy and Action Plan
  4. d) Visiting exchanges in Vienna – Austria and Tbilisi – Georgia
  5. e) Development of the web page
  6. f) Elaboration of the concept of intersectoral cooperation in home care
  7. g) Elaborating the Fundraising Strategy
  • Workshop in partnership with Hilsfwerk International, Austria “Developing strategic organizational capacity and strengthening health-care services at home” 6-7 April 2016
  • Workshop “Development and sustainable financing of home care services”, Moderator: Iaşan Liliana, Vice Minister 05.10.2017
  • Workshop “Developing the concept of costs for home medical care services”, Moderator: Dumbrăveanu Viorica, Deputy Minister, 06.10.18
  • Workshop “Sustainable Development and Financing of Health Care at Home”, Moderator: Zatîc Tatiana, 13 November 2017
  • Workshop “Developing the Concept of Hospice Home Care” Moderator: Dumbrăveanu Viorica, Vice Minister, 1 December 2018

Training with network members

  • Professionalization of social workers in the Republic of Moldova
  • Mechanisms of intersectoral cooperation, Viorica Dumbrăveanu
  • Intersectoral cooperation in the field of home care in the Republic of Moldova, Angela Chirilov
  • Accreditation of social service providers
  • Practical recommendations for the accreditation of social care providers at home, A. Chirilov, 02.12.17
  • Self-assessment / evaluation sheet of the social care service at home
  • Project management, Mariana Buruiana

Sub-Grant Project:

  1. “Improving the family protection and preservation at local level by developing community advocacy capacities”, implemented by the Moldovan Christian Aid.
  2. “Family Academy” – assistance and support for family consolidation, implemented by the Tighina Information Center, Căuşeni
  3. “Strengthening the interdisciplinary partnership for providing social services to families in risk situations”, implemented by the HUMANITAS Association
  4. The “Local Area Network – Intersectorial Intervention Model” implemented by the PHOENIX International Development and Cooperation Center

Achieved results:

Consolidated Families – 394

Trained specialists involved in family preservation – 516
Informed people – 3900
Volunteers – 457
Regions – 28
Local Networks Created – 19
Advocacy Campaigns – 9
Participants / beneficiaries – 3730
Intersectoral teams – 30
Workshops – 12 district workshops
Information seminars – 18
Training – 24
Psychological and Social Counseling Meetings – 93
Satisfaction questionnaires – 60
Round tables – 19
Summer camps – 129 children
Family Festival – 9 localities, 2900 participants

Radio Interviews – 16
Spot videos – 2
Brochures – 3160 copies
Social Guide – 6 00 copies
Leaflets – 150
Posters – 10 types
Newspaper publications: Newspaper – 1108, Moldova Suverană – 2257, Adevărul – 97, Profit Magazine – 2600, NURSING Magazine – 1800
Press conferences – 2