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“Quality and accessibility of home socio-medical care services in Republic of Moldova 2019-2022”


Socio-medical care services (at home and within day centers) are an important component of the social protection system, in which the state and civil society are committed to preventing, limiting or eliminating the temporary or permanent effects of certain events. considered as social risks, which can generate marginalization, social exclusion of people and families in difficulty, as well as directly influence the quality of life and health.

The creation and development of an integrated system of quality socio-medical services and adapted to the real needs of the population is a permanent concern that seeks as a result the faster and more efficient solution of the situations of difficulty, as well as the return to the active social-economic circuit.

The Republic of Moldova is facing a series of long-term challenges and trends, both at national, regional and global levels, which will have significant consequences in the coming decades. Uncertainty and unpredictability are increasing and new development paradigms must therefore be applied, taking into account internal capabilities. Thus, in order to become a society adapted to changes, uncertainties and challenges, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova at the end of 2018 adopted the National Development Strategy “Moldova 2030”

The project “Quality and accessibility of medical and social care services at home in the Republic of Moldova 2019-2022″, implemented by Caritas Czech Republic in collaboration with the Public Association Pro-Development and the Public Association HOMECARE, with the financial support of the Czech Republic through the Program ” Czech Development Cooperation ”, tends to contribute to the social welfare of vulnerable groups, and access to medical-social assistance in the Republic of Moldova.


The general objective of the program is:

Supporting and strengthening the role of non-governmental organizations involved in promoting integrated medical-social care at home.


The program has the following specific objectives:

  1. Supporting the local public administration authorities in order to develop community-based social-home care services based on the complex needs of the beneficiary.
  2. Increase the access of the integrated medical-social service providers at home in promoting the medical and social policies at different decision levels.
  3. Encourage the creation of networks of medical-social service providers with coverage at local / district / regional level, as well as promoting the exchange of experience and mutual learning.
  4. Raising the level of awareness of all actors regarding the importance of community care.
  5. Developing the capacities of non-governmental organizations regarding the process of developing and promoting social policies.
  6. Strengthening the role of integrated social-medical service providers by applying the cross-sectoral mechanisms of cooperation in the process of assisting beneficiaries.


Thus, between July 1 and December 31, 2019, the Nursing Association of the Republic of Moldova within the given project implemented the program of small grants with the topic: “Education – a chance for integrated quality community services”.

The overall objective of the program is to improve the quality of life of the beneficiaries and their families by training the trainers involved in integrated community care (carers, carers, social / medical workers) and practicing the practical skills.


The aim of this program is to train more people who do not have medical education to cover integrated community care services. The training of caregivers, caregivers, social workers / social workers and their involvement in the care of patients at home will contribute to improving the quality of life of the beneficiaries and their families.

At the same time, the program has the role of promoting the training of carers, caregivers, social workers / social workers and mobilizing people without medical studies but well trained in the process of providing integrated community care services throughout the territory of the Republic of Moldova.