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Nurses: o voice to lead – Health for all!

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Every year, on May 12, we celebrate the work of nurses whose role in the healthcare system is major. The International Nurses Day is celebrated worldwide to highlight the important role of this profession. May 12 marks the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of this profession. She founded the first nursing school at “St. Thomas” in London in 1860.

Today nurses represent the largest category among healthcare professionals. This is understandable because they carry most of the work in a medical facility. We are a profession – a profession that deserves respect and distinction. We want nurses to participate actively in decision-making so that they can directly forward the messages to everyone and their voice to be heard.

The achievements and the problems faced by the nurses were discussed at the National Conference on the International Nurses Day with the title “Nurses – a leading voice in health for all”, which took place in Falesti. The organizers of the event are the Nursing Association of Moldova, Falesti rayon council,  Falesti Hospital and Falesti Health Center. The inauguration of the conference took place with an  ensemble of violinists and the folk ensemble “Favorit”. Dr. Viorel Babii – the district president, Mr. Iurie Osoianu – Director of the Hospital and Mrs. Nina Sciastlivii – head of Falesti Health Center, welcomed the participants with opening speeches. The works of the national conference continued with issues related to the health system in the Republic of Moldova, where presenters were Mrs. Elena Stempovscaia – the president of the Nursing Association of Moldova, Mrs. Virginia Salaru – vicedecan of Medicine University “Nicolae Testemitanu”, Mrs. Maria Munteanu – assistant professor, Vice-president of the Nursing Association, Mrs. Tatiana Dnestrean – Expert, HEALTHY LIFE Project, Mrs. Mariana Negrean – Deputy Director of Center of Excellence in Medicine and Pharmacy “Raisa Pacalo”, Mr. Andrei Esanu, Mrs. Svetlana Nojac – Representative of the Company “Nestle”.

For outstanding merit in the health area, nurses were granted with diplomas from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection and the National Union “HEALTH”. The National Conference is part of a large number of activities undertaken within the Nursing Now Campaign, including:

  1. Charity actions – nurses from two hospitals in Chisinau – Municipal Hospital for Children “V.Ignatenco” and Municipal Hospital for Children No.1 organized humanitarian aid and helped two vulnerable families.
  2. Participation in the Charity Concert “Helpful Hands” to support home care services, (attended by 100 nurses)
  3. In the medical institutions were organized flashmobs to support the “Nursing Now” campaign, the winners of this event were: I place – Institute of Urgent Medicine, II place – Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, III place – Dental Clinic for the children
  4. Contest for “Best Nurse” voted by patients at district, republican, municipal, and primary health care levels. The winners are: Angela Vieru – Glodeni District Hospital, Vera Busuioc – Municipal Clinical Hospital Nr.1, Elena Rosca – Oncological Institute and Olga Aga – IMSP Health Center Râşcani district, Chisinau
  5. Photo contest from the activity of nurses: I place – Institute of Urgent Medicine; II place – Hospital of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection and the Republican Clinical Hospital; III place – Mother and Child Institute and Municipal Children’s Clinical Hospital No.1
  6. Another contest was for the best essay “My choice to become a nurse” were written 118 essays. All essays were mentioned with the “Dedication to Profession” badge and the essays have been published in the book “Golden Files from the History of Nurses of the Republic of Moldova”.

We wish to congratulate all nurses with this professional holiday! Good luck should always accompany you, and dreams come true! We wish you health, peace and warmth in your families!

International Conference on Tobacco Control March 26-29 2019

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On March 27-29, 2019, the Nursing Association of Moldova participated in the International Tobacco Control Conference held in Bucharest, Romania. The conference was attended by 400 participants from 50 countries. The program included 4 sessions, 150 abstracts published in the official ENSP “Tobacco Prevention”. Eight people participated on behalf of the Nursing Association of Moldova. The report was presented at the plenary session of ANRM President Elena Stmpovscaia, then participated in the workshop with the Nursing Association of Romania.

Tobacco consumption is one of the causes of preventable death. In the 20th century, tobacco consumption killed 100 million people. In 2015 more than 1.1 billion people were smokers. More than 600,000 people, over 25% of whom will die due to exposure to secondhand smoke. By 2030, the total deaths from tobacco use could increase to 8 million people annually.

Within the framework of the International Center for Eastern Excellence in Nursing Excellence in Tobacco Control – training nursing leaders in the treatment of tobacco addiction, the Nursing Association of Moldova has carried out a series of anti-smoking activities: workshops – 312 participants, flashmoburi – 100 254 participants, national conferences – 3 participants – 805 participants, public events – 104 participants, seminars for students – 189 and seminars for family nurses – 340 participants.



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Chisinau, April 27, 2018 – the final conference “Social Workers in Collaboration for Social Change in Eastern Neighborhood Countries”, highlighted the achieved results under the project and discussed the implications for the development and improvement of social assistance through intersectoral cooperation at community level.

We express our gratitude for the support of the European Union, the Austrian Development Cooperation, Hilfswerk Austria International and the associations that have committed themselves through the implemented activities to support vulnerable groups and strengthening families in risk situations. We also thank the associations in the Republic of Moldova who have implemented community-based projects and have achieved remarkable successes.

At the conference participated representatives from Hilfswerk Austria International in the Republic of Moldova, the Red Cross organization, Mayors from the Calarasi and Orhei districts, Local Councilors, Chiefs of Social Assistance Departments, representatives of the National Council of Non-Governmental Organizations from different regions of the republic, beneficiaries, etc.

Key results of the project:

Associations as competence centers for state and private actors in the social sphere:

  • Development of 4 strategic documents and operational plans
  • Development of 4 fundraising strategies
  • Organization of 2 study visits (Georgia and Austria)
  • Organization of 24-day training
  • Improvement of information services: newsletter, web page, mass media
  • Organization of systematic meetings with members
  • Empowering 10,500 members of the Associations
  • Acquiring 471 new members within the associations

Associations as advocates for reform and social justice:

Georgia / Armenia: Developing the Social Worker Profession Concept, Active Contribution to Project Law in the Social Field

Moldova: Developing and approving the concept of inter-sectoral cooperation in the provision of home care services

Azerbaijan: Evaluating academic education in the social field in Azerbaijan

Dialogues with stakeholders: 37 conferences / round tables

16 considered concepts in the decision-making process

Activities carried out within the project by NARM:

  1. a) Achievement of the OCAT study
  2. b) Creating the database of social NGOs
  3. c) Development of the Strategy and Action Plan
  4. d) Visiting exchanges in Vienna – Austria and Tbilisi – Georgia
  5. e) Development of the web page
  6. f) Elaboration of the concept of intersectoral cooperation in home care
  7. g) Elaborating the Fundraising Strategy
  • Workshop in partnership with Hilsfwerk International, Austria “Developing strategic organizational capacity and strengthening health-care services at home” 6-7 April 2016
  • Workshop “Development and sustainable financing of home care services”, Moderator: Iaşan Liliana, Vice Minister 05.10.2017
  • Workshop “Developing the concept of costs for home medical care services”, Moderator: Dumbrăveanu Viorica, Deputy Minister, 06.10.18
  • Workshop “Sustainable Development and Financing of Health Care at Home”, Moderator: Zatîc Tatiana, 13 November 2017
  • Workshop “Developing the Concept of Hospice Home Care” Moderator: Dumbrăveanu Viorica, Vice Minister, 1 December 2018

Training with network members

  • Professionalization of social workers in the Republic of Moldova
  • Mechanisms of intersectoral cooperation, Viorica Dumbrăveanu
  • Intersectoral cooperation in the field of home care in the Republic of Moldova, Angela Chirilov
  • Accreditation of social service providers
  • Practical recommendations for the accreditation of social care providers at home, A. Chirilov, 02.12.17
  • Self-assessment / evaluation sheet of the social care service at home
  • Project management, Mariana Buruiana

Sub-Grant Project:

  1. “Improving the family protection and preservation at local level by developing community advocacy capacities”, implemented by the Moldovan Christian Aid.
  2. “Family Academy” – assistance and support for family consolidation, implemented by the Tighina Information Center, Căuşeni
  3. “Strengthening the interdisciplinary partnership for providing social services to families in risk situations”, implemented by the HUMANITAS Association
  4. The “Local Area Network – Intersectorial Intervention Model” implemented by the PHOENIX International Development and Cooperation Center

Achieved results:

Consolidated Families – 394

Trained specialists involved in family preservation – 516
Informed people – 3900
Volunteers – 457
Regions – 28
Local Networks Created – 19
Advocacy Campaigns – 9
Participants / beneficiaries – 3730
Intersectoral teams – 30
Workshops – 12 district workshops
Information seminars – 18
Training – 24
Psychological and Social Counseling Meetings – 93
Satisfaction questionnaires – 60
Round tables – 19
Summer camps – 129 children
Family Festival – 9 localities, 2900 participants

Radio Interviews – 16
Spot videos – 2
Brochures – 3160 copies
Social Guide – 6 00 copies
Leaflets – 150
Posters – 10 types
Newspaper publications: Newspaper – 1108, Moldova Suverană – 2257, Adevărul – 97, Profit Magazine – 2600, NURSING Magazine – 1800
Press conferences – 2



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EU supports professionalization of social workers in Eastern Partnership countries Regional conference of EU-funded project Social Workers in Collaboration for Social Change shows how social workers can effectively support vulnerable groups in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova. Thanks to the project social workers associations improved their capacities to strengthen their 10.500 members as well as 160 local organizations.

Tbilisi, 28 March – At the closing conference of the project Social Workers in Collaboration for Social Change; the project consortium highlighted the results achieved over the course of the project and discussed implications for the future development of the social workers profession in the region.

Speaking at the opening of the conference, Vincent Rey, Head of Cooperation Section of the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia, stated, Thanks to this project and the support from the European Union local social workers; associations have improved and broadened their services. Professional and accessible social work is instrumental for positive social change. We are proud to support the effort social workers; associations are undertaking to empower vulnerable groups and strengthen families in the regions of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova.

Gerhard Schaumberger, Head of the Austrian Development Agency Georgia Office, commented, “We are proud to contribute to strengthening the professional social work in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Moldova. Social workers are critical members of society who work diligently to elieve suffering and improve the lives of people. Through their commitment to promote social change and empower people, social workers play an important role in improving the lives of those who need it most.”
During the opening session Nino Shatberashvili, Chairperson Georgian Association of Social Workers, stated, Social Work is a supporting profession – it supports individuals in the realization of their social
rights and its supports the state to a great degree in the realization of the expectations people have towards the state in terms of their well-being and improvement of their standards of life. This profession is very powerful. It supports and transforms welfare systems.”

Project Achievements
Besides discussing current questions of social reforms and the professionalization of social work in the region, the main results and achievements of the project Social Workers in Collaboration for Social Change were presented: Social workers associations in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova improved their organizational capacities as well as their information services and outreach activities to their 10.500 members and supporters, intensified collaboration with 160 local organizations so they can provide more effective, targeted and coordinated services to vulnerable groups, and also developed and successfully lobbied for 16 new professional concepts and papers on improvement of standards, laws and regulations in the social field.

Furthermore, 15 small grants were awarded to 24 local CSOs in Armenia, Georgia and Moldova with a total grant sum of EUR 540.000 and an average grant amount of EUR 36.000. The small grants covered 8 regions of Georgia, 5 regions of Armenia and 9 regions of Moldova. Local CSOs increased their capacities and skills on social work and service delivery, on inter-sectorial cooperation with other stakeholders and on empowering vulnerable population groups, especially families, to contribute to family strengthening and preservation. The small grants programme reached approximately 3500 direct beneficiaries and stakeholders (social workers, representatives of CSOs, authorities, media, etc.), established 81 functioning mechanisms of inter-agency/inter- sectorial cooperation on a local or regional level to more effectively and efficiently render targeted support to families and children in need, elaborated 44 handbooks / brochures / training modules, and conducted approximately 200 info-meetings and awareness raising measures.

Project Key Data
The European Union and the Austrian Development Agency support the project "Social Workers in Collaboration for Social Change. It is implemented by the Austrian organization Hilfswerk International" in cooperation with the Georgian Association of Social Workers (GASW), the Armenian Association of Social Workers (AASW), the Azerbaijan Social Work Public Union (ASWPU) and the Nursing Association of the Republic of Moldova (NARM) in the time period August 2015 until May 2018 with a total budget of EUR 1,079,413.

The main aim of the project has been to contribute to the social well-being of vulnerable groups, to greater social justice and social change by developing and strengthening the concept of and access to social work in the four project countries.

“Support is good, professional social work is better”

For additional information please contact:
Nicole Maria Bauer
Hilfswerk International, Regional Manager South Caucasus

Nino Shatberashvili
Georgian Association of Social Workers, Chairperson
Office Phone.: + 995 32 239 00 71

Tamriko Mikadze
Press and Information Officer, Delegation of the European Union to Georgia
Office Phone: +995 32 2943763


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